Jeramiah Ross

Shimmer Tide (Music Video

Shimmer Tide is an Ambient Classical/Electro-Acoustic Instrumental Composition that I created about watching the Ocean and Time flow. I recorded & played Acoustic Guitar (with my own interesting tuning), Piano, Electric Bass, Synths and Virtual Strings and Synthesizers along with… Read More »Shimmer Tide (Music Video

YouTube Channel

Been creating content for my YouTube channel which you can check out ! It features behind the scenes, Live Performances, Official Music Videos, Soundtracks, Demos and heaps of Interesting things !

10 Years of Shatter

it’s been over 10 years since Shatter was released and it’s soundtrack became a global hit on the Playstation. Here I am chatting with The Ongaku website about it’s release and reflecting back and forwards on where it’s all going!… Read More »10 Years of Shatter