Remarkable Engines (Loop Recordings)

Module’s debut solo album, Remarkable Engines, fuses together broken-beat, electro, 80’s rock and trip-hop styles to create an album that is truly representative of his outstanding musicianship.

Multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah Ross (aka Module) draws on the roots of his classical music theory and live-band experiences to produce an organic style of electronica that is played and not programmed. Remarkable Engines also features the talents of artists Paul McLaney (Gramsci), Rhian Sheehan, Tom Firth and Jess Chambers.

Remarkable Engines also features a bonus piano CD titled ‘Movement’, a collection of piano compositions that portraits Module’s classical music understanding, with a hint of contemporary flavor.

Remarkable Engines is a superb and constantly innovative album. The lush sound affords it one giant tick, but Ross has chops as a composer also. And for those in doubt of the actual musicianship involved over programming, one listen to the accompanying disc, Movement, should solve that debate. Here Ross sets seven beautiful original piano pieces down to rest in their own space; shades of Satie and Philip Glass abound. And there’s pathos as well as shining grace behind each note. – The Package

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Imagineering (Loop Recordings)

A collection of ultra detailed instrumental sonic photographs taken over a 6 year period. Module takes a Journey out across wide stereo panoramic soundwaves on a musical boat through his Imagination Each track another world, a concept and story. Engineered to perfection to take you away to another time and place.

There are echo’s of Jean Michel Jarre, Cinematic Orchestra, Tomita and Craig Armstrong but ultimately this is Module’s fresh and refreshing take in a much explored genre, At times his skill verges on breath-taking – Tom Cardy Dominion Post – 41/2 stars – Album of the week.

There is a distinct song like structure to many tracks and often a cinematic “ear-worm” quality to the melodic patterns. You will find this absorbing and thoughtful – Lydia Jenkin 3 1/2 stars

‎”Module’s Latest Album could be Vangelis and Tron’s Imaginary love child, and boy is it a dreamy wee fella, all up, Imagineering is a quality release from one of New Zealand’s Leading electronic artists” **** Darren Maslin – Groove Guide

it’s a timeless lope of ambient ideas and for those that fall under the spell this album will keep you feeling warm and happy for many years to come. Beautiful melodies, intriguing sound-worlds, this is music to bathe in, to relax with, to marvel at. – offthetracks

Composed, Performed & Produced By: Jeramiah Ross Newtown & Lyall Bay Wellington New Zealand. Artwork & Design by: Corie Geerders

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Love in the Digital 2020 Re-issue (Mushroom/Loop)

A epic sci fi adventure in sound across 20 tracks written, produced and recorded in 3 weeks. This album was a departure from the mostly instrumental electronic sound of Module and introduced vocals and electric guitars and song structures. It tells the story of Module International. The main character in the album is working for “The Corporation” which is doing research into light and sound. Songs and music of other worlds and time and spaces! it was released under the name “Progamma!” but after a while the name “Love in the Digital” seemed more fitting. Matt Pitt & Laura Dubuk did the artwork for it.

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A Dance without Moving (Loop/Mushroom)

A Dance without moving is ambient classical music created with 100 percent virtual code based instruments. No physical recording process involved driven off real time performances with a midi keyboard and basic computer…Emotional and resonant.

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