Sun Sky Eyes (Part 2)

Been busy working on my upcoming “Jeramiah Ross – Lightspeed Poetry” solo album.

I wrote this song after watching a manga cartoon and got inspired by the cutaway scene featuring a Samurai warrior who had returned home after being at war most of his life protecting his village. In the scene, he finally makes it home see’s the love of his life as an older woman and tears fall down their faces at all the years lost.

Of course, me being me, I decided to expand on this and add a bit of sci-fi fantasy to the idea I had based on watching that. So, what if she was a Geisha, both of them, now much older find themselves no longer in service and they decide to leave the world behind and go into the forest and be together for the rest of their lives. stars, nature, wandering around the mountainscapes watching sunrises and sunsets, completely happy with just being alive and with each other. meanwhile, just above the Earth, a solar flare strikes the top of the atmosphere sending cosmic radiation all over the area they are in, they look at each other, expecting the worse from this strange electrical wave coming fast towards them, it hits and feels like storms as it surges through both of them, they hold hands and look at each other, with no idea what will happen next, they close their eyes as the electrical storm sparks around them, loud thunder and a bright flash, then silence… they open their eyes and look into each other’s younger eyes, they have been transformed into young versions of themselves, the old faces now replaced with the newness of youth…they burst into disbelief and laughter, and hold each other as the sunrise sweeps across the valley. they get to live their lives together all over again and it causes both of them charged with electrical energy to be completely happy and content inside, in love.

Part 1 of this song was written when I was a teenager and also features the Samurai & Geisha, It didn’t work out when younger which made him leave and become a warrior, but he never forgot her and her Sun Sky Eyes…

I would love to do that as a short film if I had a way, or a music video, maybe an animated one, but I really tried hard to capture the emotion of that idea or story and put it into music and words as what the samurai would feel, I tried to make it a bit cheesy too, but not too much, just the right amount. nice chords and arrangements as a song I thought, gonna put some piano and strings in there, make it sound like a soundtrack, it will end up on the new album I reckon. here are the words below!

Sun Sky Eyes Part 2 – Jeramiah Ross

Here we are alive just you and me and we are free,
this feeling is so strong, so I sing my song
Let’s dream of a universe full of dreams, as we move from scene to scene, feeling so serene
and every day is just a better day, all the words you say, make me fly away,
nothing will ever change the way I feel, this feeling is surreal,
you are a star in the sky and I get lost in your eyes.

lost in your eyes like sunrise skies

Here we are just like a dream, and this is happening so I sing, to these heavens up above
and everything inside feels warm and bright, into the light…into the light

now I’m lost in your eyes like sunrise skies

lost in your eyes x2
lost in your eyes like sunrise skies.

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