Lightspeed Poetry (Update)

Hey all, so yous might know I am making an epic solo album called “Lightspeed Poetry” its a lot of me writing songs and playing real instruments, singing away and then producing it all from there… mostly written on guitar and piano and with pen and paper and I am really buzzing good on how well it’s come together so far in the studio, some demos have been rocking the #metaverse through the news feeds and I have been super stoked on the feedback and good vibes, I thought I would expose that creation process while putting it together and it’s been super helpful and cool as and just wanted to say a big thanks for the comments and feedback and shares! been slowly bringing the Instagram and the YouTube channels to life…Ya just gotta keep digging away at it I reckon…make cool stuff…have fun…meet cool people.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a solo album mostly cause I am known as Module, A Electronic producer of sorts, did play live for years with computers and synths and cool visuals, released albums and did film and video game soundtracks and lots of other nerdy stuff… but often I found myself writing songs and wanting to sing and put together kinda like epic other world pop music mashed up with other things I like…Pink Floyd meets Gorillaz, with kinda more of a live band real sound or singer-songwriter thing…I have been writing songs most of my life and tbh, I just really love making buzzy music that makes me happy, it gets to the point where I wanna share that and buzz out people also !!

There has huge help with this album from Liz, Duncan & Andy with the construction of it! all the parts, vocals, guitars, live drums and bass and arranging and mixing areas and we will be all playing live together eventually with songs from the new album and all of Andy’s songs which I have also been working on his album at the same time as mine, so it’s been a really great jam lately.

So, long story short, I have looked into physical releases or limited edition runs on vinyl an LP 44 min buzz, and I want to make a cool book with words, notes, photos, the stories behind the songs that come with it, you know, like a mad audio scientist’s notebook…that will be inside the LP cover, I looked into getting these made and I can do runs of 150 so it’s gonna be a demand and supply thing. Music’s hard to sell these days, mostly cause why buy it when you can just have it all for a few bucks on your phone…or stream it on YouTube.

But, I reckon physical still has a place in peoples homes and hearts direct from the Artist and that’s what I wanna do. make something special, I’ll sign them and get them out, but as mentioned, on-demand and supply, If I get 150 people interested or asking or wanting physical…then I know it’s worth doing, Maybe wait till you hear the digital on 22.2.22 that should be on all platforms…but yeah, not in a rush I will do a post about it around release time but I have been thinking about it and I want to sort it out, so I am just putting it out in the public domain on here and my website… I might do CD’s too, you know for the car or the old school stereo buzz if there is a demand for that also…

Coolios, There is a documentary been put together about all this shortly, in the studio and behind the scenes stuff about this album and that’s on its way before the end of this month or around about…Also the “Best of Module 2003-2021” will be Mid December on all streaming platforms via Loop as mentioned, and then it’s into rehearsals for the live shows and the release of this album!

I am really excited about it all, somehow, through it all…I ended up on a mean jam, made some great music I am really happy about with my good palmy friends of 20 years and other realities. I feel pretty good inside about it all! and can’t wait to get this one out of the studio into the airwaves…thanks again! Jeramiah

I have just gotta sort the order or flow of how they connect together! Do the super flash vocal takes, make things sound super choice production and mixing wise and then get it mastered.

A Thought Inside A Dream
Ebb & Flow
Perfect Worlds
Time Slows Down
Please Smile
The Gravity
Are You A Ghost?
A Human Race
Colour Of the Sky
Side of the Roads.
Cold Grey Skies
Howling at the Moon (Instrumental)
Strangers in the Dark
You know what it is…
The Shimmer Tide (Instrumental)
Breaking the Dawn
Sun Sky Eyes (Parts 1,2)
If it’s the Dark We Must. (Instrumental)
Dreaming in Lightspeed
Sleep Talking
Outro: Te Pūkenga Puoro Hiko (w/ Fredrick Pokai)

Featuring the fine talents of Andy McGrath (Drums, Guitars, Backing Vocals, Production, Arranging) Duncan McCann (Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals, Production, Arranging) Liz Kirkman (Vocals, Arranging) Alma Rei (Bass on Quicksand) Fredrick Pokai (Vocals)

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