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8-Bit Shatter (Remake)

  • Music

A 8-bit rendition of the entire Shatter soundtrack was recreated in FamiTracker with no expansion chips (2a03) in 2013! (2 square, 1 triangle, 1 noise, 1 DPCM sample channel) by Jonathan Herbst. After hearing the effort that went into this, I got in touch via YouTube and asked him to email a breakdown about it… Read More »8-Bit Shatter (Remake)

Module AI/Scientist Character

This image below was created by Alexander Hallag via who has photographed some of the worlds top Artists and Performers. I feel extremely grateful to be working with him on visualizing the other characters in and around the world/story and music I created for the INFINITY FOREVER project please visit his site and check… Read More »Module AI/Scientist Character

A Storm is Coming (Demo)

  • Lab

Been working on this for a few weeks now. It’s a new track called “A Storm is Coming” and it might end up on INFINITY FOREVER Part 2. I programmed some cool sequences performed and recorded live on the korg monologue and added some bits and bytes and modulation and effects and I really like… Read More »A Storm is Coming (Demo)

Break Away (Remix)

  • Random

I loved this song when I heard it at cinema’s when younger during Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure…So I thought I would cover it on the 808, 303 and Guitars + Auto-tune…Here’s me on YouTube jamin it in the studio. Bit of fun really! Enjoy!!

Electro-Chemicals (Single)

shock and awe it’s more new music….so this is from Part 2 of my new album(s) INFINITY FOREVER it’s out now on the global platforms thanks to LOOP recordings. I guess its a old skool electro track but with really interesting synths that modulate all over the place! Kinda based around the idea that music… Read More »Electro-Chemicals (Single)

This Life (Acoustic Demo)

  • Music

Sometimes you just have to let go….in order to heal from the past….let the stream become a river that becomes a waterfall that flows all out to the ocean and creates a tide…a wave…that washes everything away to start the whole damn thing all over again…you know???…This was written and recorded in a moment at… Read More »This Life (Acoustic Demo)

Infinity Forver

  • News

People that know me well have seen me as of late working really hard on a rather large creative vision I had a while ago, This began in 2013 and I am nearly at the end….It’s the INFINITY FOREVER Original “Sci Fi” Musical project and it has been going well, it will work well across… Read More »Infinity Forver

Everything is Possible (Single)

Everything is Possible is the new single out now with massive thanks to the team at LOOP Recordings! I am so happy and excited. It is out on all the global digital platforms which you can listen to via this magic link! and also head over to for up to the minute updates.Enjoy… Read More »Everything is Possible (Single)

Warm Digital Rain

  • Lab

I made this in SuperCollider which is an amazing code based music software/programming IDE that I have been jamming with for a while now. It’s great cause it works on everything which I like a lot. Nice random maths and sine waves with noise oscillators and it can play for infinity 🙂 pretty much peaceful… Read More »Warm Digital Rain