SoundCloud 2021

Back on soundcloud with the best tracks from Module since 2003 ! check it out and please share it around 🙂 New Songs, Demo’s and singles and soundtracks coming soon! Choice 🙂 Jeramiah

8-Bit Shatter (Remake)

A 8-bit rendition of the entire Shatter soundtrack was recreated in FamiTracker with no expansion chips (2a03) in 2013! (2 square, 1 triangle, 1 noise, 1 DPCM sample channel) by Jonathan Herbst. After hearing the effort that went into this, I got in touch via YouTube and asked him to email a breakdown about it… Read More »8-Bit Shatter (Remake)

Module AI/Scientist Character

This image below was created by Alexander Hallag via who has photographed some of the worlds top Artists and Performers. I feel extremely grateful to be working with him on visualizing the other characters in and around the world/story and music I created for the INFINITY FOREVER project please visit his site and check… Read More »Module AI/Scientist Character

A Storm is Coming (Demo)

Been working on this for a few weeks now. It’s a new track called “A Storm is Coming” and it might end up on INFINITY FOREVER Part 2. I programmed some cool sequences performed and recorded live on the korg monologue and added some bits and bytes and modulation and effects and I really like… Read More »A Storm is Coming (Demo)

Research & Results

so ummm, yeah…i figured out some really interesting things around generative/algorithmic/interactive audio/music coding this year…i used fmod studio and it’s API for a lot of my video game work. It’s a different way of creating music for things, based on events and parameters and defining things based on other things….once i learnt programming and saw… Read More »Research & Results