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The Automatic Future

Here is a TLDR (too long didn’t read) about A.I Music and creativity.

Automation always has the side effect of not really that much fun, part of the creative process is the process, it’s just as much part of it, without that personal exploration aspect its just data, I don’t see a real-world application in getting a computer to do the puzzle for you pretty much. You end up becoming a curator of what you like about the output, not a creator using the medium to the best of your ability.

I am waiting to see if A.I tools (Machine learning, Datasets) fall into the same place as other internet fads, sure they can do some cool things with the datasets, and code, but wondering if its all just going to be a bit of noise for a while and people will carry on doing what works best for them when it comes to sound and music creation or other types of creative output, writing, art, anything to do with the transmission of ideas, concepts and translating artistic expression into a format that can be interpreted by others, experienced and enjoyed.

It’s a Human expression Music and creativity, A universal language of expression and emotional reaction. I am on both sides of the fence personally, but hey, if it works and people like it, cool, It’s always about the audience, So many creatives including myself kinda forget we are just working in the service industry at times, creating moments and sounds for people to enjoy, (not just for money but for connection and sharing energy, which is worth more anyway, do a good job, get paid in one form or another) or you end up like me as I head towards the halfway point in my life, Just still doing it for myself because I still enjoy making music and sharing it when I think it’s good enough and sounds cool.

I am lucky really, I have never really worried about what people think about me and my music because everyone sees everything differently, it’s not up to me, I am who I am, and I am not anyone else, I am just having a nice time on this planet making things I like to make. The rest is up to everyone else what they want to think about that, I know my intention or want to make good music for people has always been strong, since I was a kid, that was the idea or the dream, to make cool things people like for better days. But the results of all these years between the speakers, there’s a value and a skill I have gained over time, A.I tools can’t really change that for me, maybe make a sound people like, however, It’s really bad with lyrics IMO, good with contextual and definition stuff though, the meanings behind things when it’s actually being correct, I really love telling a dataset it’s wrong, it doesn’t care, it’s just a language model and has no feelings, so with something like creativity with human emotion being such a part of it, how can it ever really be good at that?

But yes, so not really worried about the automatic future so much, There’s just something I really enjoy about doing things myself for what I want to do on a creative level, I don’t want code to do that for me. Gotta keep exercising to stay healthy and fit, the same applies to creativity. Walking up the creative mountains takes longer, but you get pretty fit and what a view up there! (metaphors for the sense of personal accomplishments, kinda important yeah?)

Have a nice day, thanks for reading

Jeramiah, April 2023

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