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Shadow (WIP Music Video)

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Making music videos, Lost in the real time WebGL fluid & particle simulations controlled by live video camera feeds, filmed off screens for this dreamy song.

I will do several more takes and choose the best performance bits, change the way the particle simulation reacts to me dancing around! It’s likely I will need to work our some moves and basically, learn how to play the particles with movements.

Really like this song, I made it up on the spot a few months back just on the acoustic guitar and produced it after tracking Duncan on Bass and Andy on slide guitar, It has really neat words talking about time and letting things go that don’t matter because no one would know anyway, If you just choose to let things go, unless you say something…kinda a nice freedom of thought in that I reckon.

I’ll keep working away on this until it is 100 percent. It’s mostly there, there are some cool bits that happen that I have taken note of for editing, But yeah thought I would share the Work in progress…stay tuned!

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