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The Solution

Well, that was “”interesting”” I wrote and composed this soundtrack for a movie in my head about a Highlander Warrior and the Dreamer at the end of a war in some distant past alt-reality moment called ‘The Solution’ (lyrics below) Guitars, Piano, Strings and Vocals and Wind instruments, It came out well, some kind of imaginary cinematic soundtrack? sure, why not. 🎶 Life is this whirlwind, A fire in my… 


Hey there, I released this single today called ‘Shadow’ It’s from the larger collection of songs I have been putting together over the last few years, dream pop? soft shimmering guitars and groovy down-tempo beats set the soundtrack to that reflective point of view or introspective viewpoint on time and space, or just being ok within the moment you are in kinda buzz. There is a lot in this song… 

Cosmic Waves (Soundtrack)

Been making video game music again, and finished up most of it recently, fun arcade game called ‘Cosmic Waves’ created by a nice dude in Poland (Lukasz Wyrostek) thanks to an epic games/unreal engine grant and aimed at a younger audience so has a strong character Saturday morning cartoon driven style and story but with groovy fun electro music with pinball and breakout elements. I composed and produced several pieces,… 

Composer Life in the Modern Age?

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Something I said recently about being a (Commercial) Composer and how to manage the possibility or likelihood of people (companies, projects, productions) choosing to use A.I sound and music over hiring someone (making the thing for the thing) with an actual musical skillset to work on films, games, etc. I am aware the industry or let’s call it the commercial industry, you know, when you get approached to make music… 

Behind The Scenes – S01 Ep01

This song is coming together, here’s how via this live stream capture, Oh this is a dry mix before it hits the mixing desk and mastering, but it’s how everything is put together, and oh, it will likely change from the release version which I am aiming to get out this year (2023) along with the other 14 songs 🙂 more to come, check back for episode 2! Oh, every… 

Rotations (Music for Space Stations)

This concept album idea I had called ‘Music for Space Stations‘ (working title) Like travelling up into space and peace out above the planet in some orbital recording studio and falling back home again, I have been working on it. A few themes and other bits worked out, 13 or so. Kinda retro synth ambient sci-fi space music with lots of sound design elements and modern production.the narrative in that… 

Paradise Sky (Studio Session)

Live Multi-tracking in the studio with this floaty jazz jam! Called it Paradise Sky, Just reminded me of a chill summer night in some tropical paradise-type place under the glowing Sunset, So I made some visuals for it at the end of this video. Pretty happy with how it came out. Filming while recording, then editing it together from the layers. Watch below.

Shatter Remastered Deluxe!

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The remaster for Shatter is out now and all you need to know is over here!! huge congrats to PikPok and everyone involved, really hope you enjoy the new 5.1 mix and the updated visuals for Shatter!! Been great feedback and response so far and been feeling pretty happy about it all. Peace, Jeramiah

VGM Life – A Conversation Through Sound:

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Great interview this one!! goes pretty in depth about my life as a creative and shatter and other interesting things!! Take a few minutes and have a good read, A big thanks goes out to VGM life for the great chat!

Shatter Release Date Trailer

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Super excited about this!! Shatter Remastered Deluxe will launch for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC, macOS, and Steam Deck via Steam on Nov. 2, 2022. direct link here

Module on RNZ (interview)

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A big in depth interview is here via RNZ recently with Jim Mora for his Sunday show, “My Current Song” Talking about all the epic Module adventures over the last 20+ years, the recent Best of Album and much more. Stream it here!

Andy McGrath – The Silent Tribe

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Really happy to be involved working with Andy McGrath to get his song over the line! Production duties here and there, and running around filming things and making suggestions along with Duncan McCann. Great to see Andy’s music come to life like this, I am happy for him, feels, looks, sounds great!

Shadow (WIP Music Video)

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Making music videos, Lost in the real time WebGL fluid & particle simulations controlled by live video camera feeds, filmed off screens for this dreamy song. I will do several more takes and choose the best performance bits, change the way the particle simulation reacts to me dancing around! It’s likely I will need to work our some moves and basically, learn how to play the particles with movements. Really… 

Man Controls Machines (Studio Session)

Meanwhile at 12am, I repaired this old casiotone CA-110 keyboard from the 1990s and it only seemed natural to zen out on the floor like I did as a kid and run it through the guitar fx pedal board and make some in the moment ambient sci-fi music. Funny story, Jeff from the Wiggles used one of these for years. On its own it’s totally that, basic and happy silly…