A selection of module’s music videos and other visual content…Check out Module’s youtube channel and subscribe here

Module – What it seems

Taken from Remarkable Engines, What it seems features Jeramiah flying in a Helicopter from Palmerston North to Wellington for the Fly My Pretties shows.

Module – The Pieces Fit

A single from “Imagineering” created by Matt Pitt for NZ on Air out on LOOP Recordings.

Module – Amethyst Caverns

From the Shatter sountrack created by Sidhe/PikPok. Thanks to Corey and Mario for this one !

Module & Rhian Sheehan (Live at the Wellington Town Hall)

Jeramiah & Rhian rocking out remixes from Rhian’s second album Tiny Blue Biosphere live !

Module – INFINITY FOREVER – Part 1 – TIME (Studio Sessions)

Listen to Module’s album INFINITY FOREVER Part 1 – Time

Module – This Moment is Haunted

Created by Matt Pitt for the album “A Dance without Moving” the idea of a bad dream in your mind, A shadow of thought. Making the moment haunted but the music turning it into words to express and resolve.