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A selection of Module music videos and other audio/visual content…Check out Module’s youtube channel for more and subscribe here

Module – Wait Beside You

Taken from Module’s 3rd Album, Laura Dubuk is back with a virtual roller coaster ride through retro-inspired CGI landscapes set to an epic pop electro song!

Module – Adrift

Adrift is the intro track from the studio sessions of INFINITY FOREVER, Time, Space, Love Created by Laura Dubuk it features peaceful ambient music set against the virtual natural landscapes.

Module – The Corporation

Created with Laura Dubuk (Half-life 2, Portal, Valve) A single featuring minimal electro and generated real-time graphics running off Unreal engine.

Module – What it seems

Taken from Remarkable Engines, What it seems features Jeramiah flying in a Helicopter from Palmerston North to Wellington for the Fly My Pretties shows.

Module – The Pieces Fit

A single from “Imagineering” created by Matt Pitt for NZ on Air out on LOOP Recordings.

Module – Amethyst Caverns

From the Shatter soundtrack created by Sidhe/PikPok. Thanks to Corey and Mario for this one!

Module & Rhian Sheehan (Live at the Wellington Town Hall)

Jeramiah & Rhian rocking out remixes from Rhian’s second album Tiny Blue Biosphere live!

Module – INFINITY FOREVER – Part 1 – TIME (Studio Sessions)

Listen to Module’s album INFINITY FOREVER Part 1 – Time

Module – This Moment is Haunted

Created by Matt Pitt for the album “A Dance without Moving” the idea of a bad dream in your mind, A shadow of thought. Making the moment haunted but the music turning it into words to express and resolve.