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Shadow – Module
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Hey there, I released this single today called ‘Shadow’ It’s from the larger collection of songs I have been putting together over the last few years, dream pop? soft shimmering guitars and groovy down-tempo beats set the soundtrack to that reflective point of view or introspective viewpoint on time and space, or just being ok within the moment you are in kinda buzz.

There is a lot in this song within the words I really relate to, mostly about Time itself, how quick, fast it really is. When you are in the moment and you think of the future, the moment you have that thought, it’s the past from thinking about it again, that’s always fascinated me, the actual moment is micro-seconds, the past is a memory, and the future is a dream, that’s words in another song, which I will get around to releasing one day… oh, and not getting caught up in the noise of the world and just letting that all go, the line “slipped right down the wishing well” is about wanting a better future all the time, but actually, just taking a moment at the moment to feel ok about it all does good things for you, well, for me…

love that line ” It never will last, for longer than a moment or so, so, I won’t go” Basically, by a choice to stay in that moment with someone you change time in a way, extending out that moment beyond. I guess that is what it means when you spend time with someone perhaps. But all of us never really have much of it, so it costs, lol.

But explaining my songs sometimes doesn’t need to happen because the lyrics really kind of get it across with this one I feel, but hey, at least it’s nice to talk about it.

This one took a while to get right but I am happy with its dreamy floaty vibes and that wide mix. Duncan and Andy added to this one, The bass and the Slide Guitar just help set the groove and atmosphere. I recorded the Blackstar amp with the tremolo pedals (Eventide Modfactor) and the Fender Strat with the 57, for the vocals and acoustics I recorded those at the same time, the song kinda just happened in the middle of the night, I didn’t write it down, just made it up on the spot and captured that live against a click track, built everything else on top, The V-drums, I just played those with a custom made kit I built in the Sampler, made a swirling 70s sounding synth pad (can’t remember how) and played the Rhodes keys, Mixed it all down in Mixbus 32c once Duncan and Andy added their parts. The Gretch slides ran those through digital tape delays which I messed around with in real-time from Andy, and Duncan running with the SansAmp direct into the DAW, really came out great! my friend Max Maxwell who has started his own Mastering services recently did such a great job shimmering this tune up nicely!

With the Artwork, I hacked up images in Photoshop, but it kinda works, It’s very likely I will update that later on, with Photography or an Artist to remake it based on what I made, I could have used A.I generators, but to be honest, it has too much of its own look, and I like mangling things in Photoshop, it’s like music but for the eyes, and I enjoy doing it by hand, looks or feels better in most cases, get more of your own thing, I digress.

Cool, so you can grab this track over on my Bandcamp on the link below along with the lyrics which you can read too! There are more songs to come shortly, there always is, but I will get there…in time, wherever there is…


C, D, Am, G

I, could just fall asleep in your arms
staring at the shadows on the wall
time moves so fast, here and now is gone
it’s just the past, it’s just the past
I, could just let it all, let it all go
no one would even know
I, caught between (hold D)

C, D, C, D
all these dreams…
that no one sees…
that no one feels…
but…you. Amin11

C, D, Am, G
I, could fall asleep in your arms
and let it all, go to hell
time seems to go so fast… (hold D)

C, D, C, D
it’s now the past
it never will last.
for longer than a moment or so
so, I won’t go
I won’t go…
I won’t…go… (hold C)

(stay on Amin)

I could fall asleep in your arms.
Let this world go to hell
no one could even really tell
no one would ever really tell
slip right down the wishing well.
slipped right down the wishing well.
but I’m safe..(C).in your arms (hold D).✨

Instrumental Outro, C, Emin etc…

released July 31, 2023
Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Keys, V-drums – Jeramiah Ross
Slide Guitars – Andy McGrath
Bass – Duncan McCann
Written and Produced by Jeramiah Ross (2021/2023)
Mastering by Max Maxwell –

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