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The Solution

Well, that was “”interesting”” I wrote and composed this soundtrack for a movie in my head about a Highlander Warrior and the Dreamer at the end of a war in some distant past alt-reality moment called ‘The Solution’ (lyrics below) Guitars, Piano, Strings and Vocals and Wind instruments, It came out well, some kind of imaginary cinematic soundtrack? sure, why not. 🎶 Life is this whirlwind, A fire in my… 


Hey there, I released this single today called ‘Shadow’ It’s from the larger collection of songs I have been putting together over the last few years, dream pop? soft shimmering guitars and groovy down-tempo beats set the soundtrack to that reflective point of view or introspective viewpoint on time and space, or just being ok within the moment you are in kinda buzz. There is a lot in this song… 

Rotations (Music for Space Stations)

This concept album idea I had called ‘Music for Space Stations‘ (working title) Like travelling up into space and peace out above the planet in some orbital recording studio and falling back home again, I have been working on it. A few themes and other bits worked out, 13 or so. Kinda retro synth ambient sci-fi space music with lots of sound design elements and modern production.the narrative in that… 

Paradise Sky (Studio Session)

Live Multi-tracking in the studio with this floaty jazz jam! Called it Paradise Sky, Just reminded me of a chill summer night in some tropical paradise-type place under the glowing Sunset, So I made some visuals for it at the end of this video. Pretty happy with how it came out. Filming while recording, then editing it together from the layers. Watch below.

Dreaming in Lightspeed

Made this tune with Max Maxwell, It did really well straight out the gate with number 1 on Soundclouds repost system, already up to 1,500 plays on soundcloud, It’s great dance electro featuring me singing my heart out against epic emotional synths and beats, Listen here!

Shatter Remastered Deluxe

Big news! Shatter is back with 4k and 5.1 surround sound on all the new consoles and platforms, remastered, and yeah!! totally epic! sounded great in the studio with Troy Kelly, mixing it all 🙂 It’s coming out Q3 2002! see for more Here’s the trailer! Epic as! You can also wishlist it on Stream!

The Shatter Soundtrack (Vinyl)

Here are some photos of the original test pressing from the Offical video game soundtrack for Shatter which was Mastered at Abbey Road. You can also see me trying to work out the best way to sign them…It was the first time I autographed my own music so I had to get it right. It’s translucent blue, really shimmers in the light… A great design I thought, very stylish (currently… 

Songs April 2021

I have been writing a lot of songs lately, and bringing back to life some older ones. Just been on a really creative flow with the music and production lately so over this month I will be working away in the studio and recording the out-lines of all these tunes below…there are a few more floating around too… I am just going to record them all and then see how… 

A Frequent Sea

7 years ago I was approached by the Label ” A Strangely Isolated Place” to create a one off track for their places series featuring Artists from all over the world to create music for where they where located on the globe. At the time I lived by the ocean and was in a really peaceful mood in myself. So I created this track for them. Listening again after so… 

SoundCloud 2021

Back on soundcloud with the best tracks from Module since 2003 ! check it out and please share it around 🙂 New Songs, Demo’s and singles and soundtracks coming soon! Choice 🙂 Jeramiah

8-Bit Shatter (Remake)

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A 8-bit rendition of the entire Shatter soundtrack was recreated in FamiTracker with no expansion chips (2a03) in 2013! (2 square, 1 triangle, 1 noise, 1 DPCM sample channel) by Jonathan Herbst. After hearing the effort that went into this, I got in touch via YouTube and asked him to email a breakdown about it all. I thought it was really good! listen to the album here and read… 

Electro-Chemicals (Single)

shock and awe it’s more new music….so this is from Part 2 of my new album(s) INFINITY FOREVER it’s out now on the global platforms thanks to LOOP recordings. I guess its a old skool electro track but with really interesting synths that modulate all over the place! Kinda based around the idea that music is good for the brain! check it and let me know what you think of… 

This Life (Acoustic Demo)

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Sometimes you just have to let go….in order to heal from the past….let the stream become a river that becomes a waterfall that flows all out to the ocean and creates a tide…a wave…that washes everything away to start the whole damn thing all over again…you know???…This was written and recorded in a moment at home between doing the dishes….just popped in my head… pretty much it’s like this…..Dammmm this…