Shimmer Tide (Music Video)

Shimmer Tide is an Ambient Classical/Electro-Acoustic Instrumental Composition that I created about watching the Ocean and Time flow. I recorded & played Acoustic Guitar (with my own interesting tuning), Piano, Electric Bass, Synths and Virtual Strings and Synthesizers along with recording the sound of the Sea, then produced and mixed it. I created the video… Read More »Shimmer Tide (Music Video)

Sun Sky Eyes (Part 2)

Been busy working on my upcoming “Jeramiah Ross – Lightspeed Poetry” solo album. I wrote this song after watching a manga cartoon and got inspired by the cutaway scene featuring a Samurai warrior who had returned home after being at war most of his life protecting his village. In the scene, he finally makes it… Read More »Sun Sky Eyes (Part 2)

Songs April 2021

I have been writing a lot of songs lately, and bringing back to life some older ones. Just been on a really creative flow with the music and production lately so over this month I will be working away in the studio and recording the out-lines of all these tunes below…there are a few more… Read More »Songs April 2021