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Jeramiah Ross

Jeramiah Ross Aka Module (22.2.22)

Born in Palmerston North (Jeremy Ross) in 1978, Jeramiah began playing the Piano at a very young age then moved into teaching himself the Acoustic and Electric Guitar and most things that make noise. He Spent his teens writing 100’s of songs and recording via multi-tracking on 4 track tape recorders and early computers such as the Amiga 500 with it’s Octamed tracker software. He then became the Production engineer at Radio Control 99.4FM part of the b-net after being taught by Creative Sounds Society (The Stomach) in Palmerston North Jeramiah created Module in 2003 as a solo side project after performing in many local bands such as _sense with Hayden Sinclair and worked with local folk songwriter Steve Asplin and many others but Module quickly took on a life on it’s own and became Jeramiah’s main focus, Jeramiah went on to meet and perform & record with many NZ acts.

Jeramiah Ross’s debut album Remarkable Engines released through LOOP Recordings achieved national success, becoming a landmark in New Zealand Electronica and Classical Music. His music was used on the “Love Affair in Wellington Campian” He joined Fly My Pretties performing his classical compositions “Oh Fair Moonlight & Rain” for sell-out shows around all major theaters and halls. From there, he worked on video game soundtracks with the innovative game ‘Shatter’ which achieved huge international success on the PlayStation Network & Steam and with many calling it one of the best video game soundtracks of our generation. His follow-up album ‘Imagineering’, which is ambient electronica took his career to new heights by mixing live instrumentation with technology. He followed this up with ‘Love In The Digital’, mixing Electronic & Digital Rock genres. He has worked with many creative companies such as Weta Workshop, RESN and PIKPOK, Activision, Dreamworks, Adult-Swim Games, Magic Leap (jamming with Rony for TEDx) and other agencies and companies on many interactive and creative projects that had major success in the video game/digital markets on the Google Play & Apple’s App Store providing sound design and audio programming and music with IP’s such as Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Pudding Monsters & Dreamworks – Rise of the Guardians & How to Train Your Dragon as well as providing sound design & music for various short films (one of which called “Metta Via” won International awards and was released via DUST‘s YouTube Channel and over 2 million on Facebook and other platforms)

He has also worked with a lot of really amazing creative musicians in New Zealand and played keyboards for Rhombus & The Black Seeds Performed & Worked with NZ electronica greats Pitch Black. Toured with composer Rhian Sheehan to Australia and Spain. Created music with Paul Mclaney and collaborated on many projects with leading digital artist Matt Pitt (aka redkidone)

Working with Liz Kirkman (Vocals) & Duncan McCann (Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Production) and Andy McGrath (Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals, Production) Jeramiah is working on new material along with various new Module singles as well as composing music for Film and Video game projects currently in production.

Jeramiah is a Mixed Media Artist and has a strong interest in Synthesizers, Microcomputers, Software, Design, Programming/Coding, Photography and Interactive Audio while mixing it all with Classical Composition, Songwriting & most kinds of Electronic music production and live performances. Jeramiah is signed with LOOP Recordings

“I kind of see myself as two Artists, Jeramiah the Musician & Module the Producer, It gives me a great way to channel two sides of my creativity both as a technical and emotional person into one thing, whatever that is at the time.

On The Interweb…

Bandcamp – Links to most of the released work ranging from Albums, Singles, EP.s, Collaborations and Commercial works.

Soundcloud – Highlights of Module (from all releases)
plus singles, remixes and demo’s

Spotify – Listen to module releases on Spotify! here’s the link
just working with the record label to update this over time with everything done.

Instagram – Photos of course, a few videos

YouTube Channel – Been putting a bit of work into building this up with playlists and all sorts of interesting visual audio/behind the scenes things! Got some ideas for future stuff. Subscribe!

Facebook Page – The main Facebook page for Module HQ

Facebook Direct – Jeramiah’s profile (get in touch on Facebook)

Module’s Record label Loop Recordings over on


Andy McGrath

Andy has been honing his craft since the early 90’s.

Originally from Wellington, his Irish family upbringing was all about singing in the early days. He was barely at school when he entered and won his first singing competition at the annual Irish Festival and he’s been entertaining people ever since. 

Initially a drummer, Andy joined forces with an established songwriter in the Manawatu, Robert Thirtle (Cement Garden) with Bassist Kane Haitana, forming the band: The Carousers.  Their gigs were well received and recordings were made for Meltdown Records. When the songwriter left for London, Andy started writing songs, shifting to guitar. 

At the time of the ‘91 Rugby World Cup, Andy wrote and recorded an entertaining song about the All Blacks.  C’mon All Blacks (Andy & the Sprigs) got air time on the National Radio Network.  

Andy then played guitar and fronted the band BDI’s.  For 3 years the band gigged in many towns around the North Island and reached the finals of the Battle of the Bands in Wanganui, where Tony The MacTones drummer was on stage with a different band on the same night back in the 90’s!

After taking some time out to be with family in Auckland, Andy found enjoyment in providing soundtracks for NZ documentaries and TV Series he edited before joining the band, theSlacks.  Good singer-songwriters, the Armstrong brothers meant Andy got to settle in just playing guitar, harmonica and singing backing vocals. 
The 2nd album, Welcome to the Rolling Vibe, was recorded by Engineer Paddi Addison, (Senior Engineer: Pink Floyd, Beastie Boys).  Eventually, the band played festivals (Prana, Luminate, 2017).  At Luminate it rained constantly that year and the wet audience decided to strip off and roll in the mud and dance to the band.

Currently, Jeramiah & Andy are producing a solo album of Songs written by Andy along with working together on show and musical production being hyper audio nerds and having a great old time!

Duncan McCann

Duncan is a musician, creative director and event producer who plays guitars, bass and analog synths in the Module live band. He also plays in Wellington based original band, The MacTones. Duncan has been a touring guitarist with Universal Music artists Before Friday and Dean Chandler,  bass guitarist for acclaimed songwriter and two time APRA Silver Scroll winner, Stephen Bell-Booth, and project manager for multiple Tui Music Award winning albums for NZ classical label, Rattle Records. 

Ducan and Jeramiah’s creative friendship stretches all the way back to the late 90s where he turned up at Jeramiah’s flat with a 8 channel sound card, Nuendo/Cubase 4 and a computer and said “Figure this out”

Liz Kirkman

Liz Kirkman is an actress, singer and craniosacral therapist. She will be providing vocal-scapes for Module.
Liz’s international singing career began in ’99 Australia with Karl Broadie at the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival alongside such greats as Ben Harper, Angelique Kidjo and RL Burnside. She has since sung in Italy, Iceland and Manchester, UK with Matt Ford and the Sandbach School Big Band. A vocalist on multiple albums for Karl Broadie, Steve Asplin, Module, rock work with covers band Nova and a long-time member of 3 piece female trio Avidiva, she has also been part of James Tait-Jamieson’s Sons of Sinatra and staged her own 16-song theatre piece, with 3 piece band, Jezebel of Jazz – Songs and Stories of Anita O’Day at the National Jazz and Nelson Winter Festivals. Musical performances include: Liesl in the Sound of Music, Rosalia in West-Side Story and Sandy in Grease. Stage credits include Rita in Educating Rita, Roxy in Desperate Huttwives directed by Geraldine Brophy, touring NZ as Lady Macbeth, Iago/Desdemona and Cordelia, Goneril, Regan and the Fool in Macbeth, Othello and King Lear. Screen credits include featuring on Shortland Street, Return of the King, Avatar and lead roles in feature films Eternity and Births Deaths and Marriages and in award winning shorts films, Cub, Cleaver, Joel, Emily and playing formidable convict Charlotte Badger in Lisa Reihana’s 3D work, Nomads of the Sea, currently at the Sydney Biennale. 

Jeramiah & Liz have a very long term creative connection stretching all the way back for over 20 years. As Jeramiah once said: “It just feels right when Liz is there singing away, You know, Complete”