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“Metta Via” Directed by Warren Flanagan

Set in the future, this film tells the story of a young woman who wakes up in a mysterious ‘temple like’ room and must figure out what her purpose is there. This in turn leads to her memories being unlocked and the true purpose of the temple, the strange sentient machines that surround her, and ultimately her final destination. Jeramiah composed the soundtrack and did the sound design for the machines, atmospheres, mechanicals in the movie. It’s gone on to pick up international awards and over 1 million views on YouTube.

Doctor Grordbort’s The Deadliest Game (Greg Broadmore)

A short film from Media Design School based on the steampunk sci-fi world of Dr Grordbort created by writer and artist Greg Broadmore from Weta Workshop.The live action/CGI film was created by 11 students over 22 weeks under the direction of Senior 3D animation lecturer James Cunningham. Jeramiah worked with Dave Whitehead with the sound design and creature vocals.

Magic Leap (Concept video)

I made all the weapons sounds and various other noises and even voiced the character behind the gun for this concept video made by Weta Workshop for Magic Leap. A Augmented reality company dealing with spatial computing by projecting images on to your eyes creating the illusion of holograms in your real world space. This video is also showcasing the wonderful world of Greg Broadmore’s Dr. Grordbort!