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Audio experiments and other interesting stuff from the Module HQ laboratories

A Storm is Coming (Demo)

  • Lab

Been working on this for a few weeks now. It’s a new track called “A Storm is Coming” and it might end up on INFINITY FOREVER Part 2. I programmed some cool sequences performed and recorded live on the korg monologue and added some bits and bytes and modulation and effects and I really like it! it’s taking shape slowly. It’s gonna be great live… I think it would take… 

Warm Digital Rain

  • Lab

I made this in SuperCollider which is an amazing code based music software/programming IDE that I have been jamming with for a while now. It’s great cause it works on everything which I like a lot. Nice random maths and sine waves with noise oscillators and it can play for infinity 🙂 pretty much peaceful self generating ambient music with digital nature based rain and thunder.