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Studio Sessions

Behind The Scenes – S01 Ep01

This song is coming together, here’s how via this live stream capture, Oh this is a dry mix before it hits the mixing desk and mastering, but it’s how everything is put together, and oh, it will likely change from the release version which I am aiming to get out this year (2023) along with the other 14 songs 🙂 more to come, check back for episode 2! Oh, every… 

Paradise Sky (Studio Session)

Live Multi-tracking in the studio with this floaty jazz jam! Called it Paradise Sky, Just reminded me of a chill summer night in some tropical paradise-type place under the glowing Sunset, So I made some visuals for it at the end of this video. Pretty happy with how it came out. Filming while recording, then editing it together from the layers. Watch below.

Man Controls Machines (Studio Session)

Meanwhile at 12am, I repaired this old casiotone CA-110 keyboard from the 1990s and it only seemed natural to zen out on the floor like I did as a kid and run it through the guitar fx pedal board and make some in the moment ambient sci-fi music. Funny story, Jeff from the Wiggles used one of these for years. On its own it’s totally that, basic and happy silly…