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Project updates and infomation!

Cosmic Waves (Soundtrack)

Been making video game music again, and finished up most of it recently, fun arcade game called ‘Cosmic Waves’ created by a nice dude in Poland (Lukasz Wyrostek) thanks to an epic games/unreal engine grant and aimed at a younger audience so has a strong character Saturday morning cartoon driven style and story but with groovy fun electro music with pinball and breakout elements. I… 

Andy McGrath – The Studio Sessions

8 tracks performed in the studio that Andy wrote. This project, well, idea actually was really great to get across the line, we had talked about capturing the songs in a natural state in the studio for a while, and then pushed forward and got it done. It was a really great experience with Duncan and Andy We all filmed, recorded and produced this together… 

Shatter Remastered Deluxe

Big news! Shatter is back with 4k and 5.1 surround sound on all the new consoles and platforms, remastered, and yeah!! totally epic! sounded great in the studio with Troy Kelly, mixing it all 🙂 It’s coming out Q3 2002! see for more Here’s the trailer! Epic as! You can also wishlist it on Stream!