Video Games (PS3, XBOX, iOS, Andriod) 🎮

Jeramiah Ross working for and with the creative community in New Zealand and beyond has created many custom soundtracks and interactive sound design for mobile, ps3, xbox titles and more. Shatter, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Pudding Monsters,Monsters ate my Condo, Flutter to name a few check them all our here.

Film (Sound Design, Music) 📽️

Short films that Jeramiah has done have done really well projects range from Metta Via which is over 2 Million views on Facebook, Doctor Grordbort’s Invaders trailer for Magic Leap & more. view here

Web/Interactive (HTML5, Java, Processing) 🌐

Jeramiah’s work with local interactive design agency RESN featured projects for the London Olympics, Hennessy, The New Zealand Transport association and more with cutting edge audio programming,sound design and music. (page coming soon)

Module in the Laboratory 🧫

Micro-computers (raspberry pi’s and arduino boards) ranging from custom built midi/analog hybrid linux for audio processing and many more projects planned around interactive performance based multi-media…Generative audio code and data sonification (page coming soon)