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Man Controls Machines (Studio Session)

Meanwhile at 12am, I repaired this old casiotone CA-110 keyboard from the 1990s and it only seemed natural to zen out on the floor like I did as a kid and run it through the guitar fx pedal board and make some in the moment ambient sci-fi music.

Funny story, Jeff from the Wiggles used one of these for years. On its own it’s totally that, basic and happy silly sounding but I always tell people, any old multi-fx rack, pedals are basically modular signal processors and open a whole new world of wtf with a smile. 😉

Cheap keyboards, drum machines, anything that has a line out signal, even recording the sound of a fridge with your phone and using the headphone plug, or the countless endless free apps But yeah, Casiotone through any distortion then into loads of time and modulation effects, It is an instant Nine Inch Nails generator pretty much.

It is fun just to play and push all the buttons, throw the knobs around record the results and turn it into sampler patches for laters.

Direct Link YouTube 1080p here:

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