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The Best of Module – Limited Double CD Edition

So it’s really awesome to get this project out, Limited edition on double CD of the latest Best of Album.I’ll update this post with more shortly, but long story short, presales are out now, shipping those worldwide on the 24.2.24, also really happy they are moving so quickly, so if you are reading this, better get in there quickly as there are only 50 of them. I might look at doing another run if people really want me too, but at the moment, these are the special ones, I will sign them too, massive thanks to Laura Dubuk for making the new updated artwork so flash! grab it here while stocks last (I just wanted to say that)

Here is the Mockup showcasing the CD artwork, The new expanded panorama which opens up from the front cover and the inside tracklisting for the CD on the other side of the Panorama, will update this post with Photography of the actual CD itself when I get the test copy back shortly 🙂

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