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In the studio with Module

A great little behind the scenes video with Me, Troy Kelly and Jayde Martar at the Armoury here in Wellington recently from the Shatter Remastered Deluxe 5.1 surround sound sessions. Basically, rocking out on the SSL mixing desks and all the toys and buttons to bring the epic!! Troy does a great job at doing a great job, so it was a lot of fun!

For me personally, It was an amazing experience the original Shatter, along with the global reaction to it and it has totally stood up against time and become a classic! Being in the position to go back and expand the music into the 5.1 surround format, well, what to say…

Andy McGrath from Vision8 filmed it all and edited this video into something worth watching for everyone, He is rather good at that! Big thanks again to the crew at PikPok Games, No doubt there will be more content near the end of the year when Shatter Remastered launches on all the platforms and consoles around the globe, but for now…Enjoy the jam!

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4 thoughts on “In the studio with Module”

    1. FLAC 5.1 absolutely, just waiting to see on demand for other possible formats due to production costs of physical, but digital isn’t a issue , definitely will look into it, will post here on this site when we get a idea of demand from the release in November.

      1. Thank you! I do understand that the licensing is different for physical as well. SACD is less approachable, obviously. I really wish there was a standardized 5.1 physical medium… I really hope the music industry starts pushing for one, as I see that as the future development of music, personally. I actually have the LP from the original though. Haha. Always loved the soundtrack. It’s phenomenal. Wish I could have gotten the CD. 😛 I wish you the best with the release, mate.

        1. Yeah that would be great, It really mostly comes down to not many people having 5.1 setups these days. FLAC 5.1 or other digital formats totally, I will look into it, thanks heaps, yeah really excited.

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