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Infinity Forever (Time, Space, Love)

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The Module AI

“Infinity Forever – Time, Space, Love”, I haven’t given up on that idea of that multimedia live theatre show, 3 part album something something by the way! I finished up the story a while ago and realized the production of it would need a lot of work (money) or some spare hash tag famous which is the same as Money, but I really don’t wanna have to Twerk! Ha! It’s an animated short film or book or Audiobook…I am just re-reading over it. A very cool Sci-Fi love story!

Module AI & Jeramiah as a dualistic virtual/energy-based character.

Set in an alternate future…It’s some 40 years from now, an older version of my Jeramiah/Module character that ends up working with a Corporation to help Mankind through large natural disasters by using light and sound to change our bodies so we live longer, We can space travel to Proxima and set up again. But all isn’t as it seems, AI backups becoming self-aware, machines being used to convert people into pure energy, jeramiah bouncing off the starlight treating the universe as a giant computer network, going faster between each star to get home with a Multi-dimensional elemental character and a Timelord, The Global platform with other ideas….A love story…It’s got it all! ha 🙂

Jeramiah the scientist from the alt future currently living in this time.

I won’t go into it too much (unless you ask) but spent maybe a few years writing it. It’s all there, just working out the best format, like episodes around 10min each or something…stay tuned.

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