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September 2020

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The last couple month has been really surreal…With COVID19 lockdown starting up again. It has been ok…strange I guess..But things have been moving forwards with life and heaps of creative work being done. Here is a overview of most things.

Module – Moments in time (Short Film)

Fredrick Pokai has filmed and produced a short documentary on my career and what happened to me when I got hit with clinical depression and how made a choice to come back to being Module again in this new digital world of ours. Watch the teaser here. Full release coming soon!

A Dance Without Moving (Out now)

Released a EP called “A Dance without Moving” I called it this because the whole album is ambient classical music using only code driven virtual instruments for Piano and Synths. get it on Here is a music video for the lead single. This moment is Haunted. by Matt Pitt

Fly My Pretties

I’ll be performing at the Opera house with Fly My Pretties playing Grand piano. In November with some really amazing NZ artists. That’s gonna be awesome! more on this soon!

Music Videos

Production on 2 music videos from INFINITY FOREVER -Part 1 – Time are now underway for the songs Trust & Ride Away.


Been chatting to my publishing company (Mushroom Publishing) about various interesting musical industry things you should hear the new music on radio and TV soon!

Geeking out.

Chatting with lots of really interesting scientists and developers, artists and creative people all over the place.. this is leading to some interesting things. Mostly the personal discovery of a Cymascope.

Worlds Collide (un-plugged)

I wrote and recorded a live unplugged version of this song called “Worlds Collide” it’s a beautiful folk song.

Reflections (un-plugged)

I also recorded this song called “Reflections“. Its a acoustic guitar piece multi-tracked live.

The Ebb & Flow (Single)

Made this video with code (programmed the visuals based on a open source code experiment using for an Acoustic song I wrote called Ebb & Flow. floating through a digital forest.


I Made this rather interesting particle effect…by mistake..i set the flux capacitor to 1.56 gigawatt’s and it did this in after effects.

Jamming out

Lots of rehearsals going really well with the Module Live Band, Duncan McCann and I have worked out some really nice guitar parts for the new songs. Been really enjoying that a lot.

Stage Design (Module Live)

Been working on the Module Live stage setup. Looking at doing this design virtually too ! this is called the machine for our projection mapping !

Forward directions

Rediscovered this image Matt Pitt made for a unfinished Module album..its inspired me to do something with it.

Website Updates

Still got to add more of my music to this website and finish off the online store. Been looking at some kind of community based software so you can sign up and join in ! Cheers, Jeramiah

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