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The Best Of Module (Paul Mclaney)

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With the “Best of Module 2003-2022” coming up soon with Loop Recordings, I wanted to share some of the experiences and stories behind the last 18 years of Module, The people I have worked with, the lessons I have learned.

One of the tracks featured on this is “Love & Not he Lesson” from Remarkable Engines. Written by Paul McLaney and we produced it together, here are some words about that time I and Paul met and got lost in the music all night! more of these stories to come over the next while! I wanted to put the spotlight on one of our fine true craftsmen of music, words and artistic conceptual design, Paul McLaney, I have had the pleasure of knowing Paul since we met in 2004 at the control 99.4FM radio station in Palmerston North. Instantly I connected to him and his music, his David Bowie meets David Gilmour undertone, but more than that, it’s his deep rich voice and skilful songwriting and playing which lead to us to find ourselves staying up all night recording 2 songs that made it on to my Debut module album Remarkable Engines, “Faultlines” and “Love and not the Lesson”. We performed live together around the country from time to time, then created an epic faux 1960s concept album called “Immram – Voyage of the Corvus Corrone” and also worked on “The Blush Response – Love Electric” with Rhian Sheehan and Rashi and Matt Pitt. Our friendship is timeless like the music he creates. He inspires me constantly and he was instrumental in bringing Module to life and a big part of my early successes.

Paul is a traveller of other worlds, the words and depth to his music in Gramsci and his solo work “impending adorations” is something to be admired and appreciated as the work of a true musical troubadour but more than that really… In the journey of our lives through the many paths, it’s people like Paul that give the strength and reminder to carry on creating and forging your own path in what you believe in, both musically and in yourself. I would like to share the words from “Love & Not the Lesson” (a song written by paul that we produced together). You can take your own meaning from it, but for myself, I finally understand it now I am older. Thanks for reading and please find Paul’s work and listen to it. The expression range value is timeless and has worth beyond words and sound. (Jeramiah Ross Aka Module – November 2021)

Photo credit: Nick Paulsen

Paul’s solo work & Gramsci can be heard here!

Love And Not The Lesson (Written by Paul Mclaney, Produced by Jeramiah Ross & Paul Mclaney)

You wanted life without regret
You wanted trust without betrayal
You wanted hope without the disappointment
Belief without a reason for it
You wanted love
Love and not the lesson
You wanted first place without a rival
You wanted success without failure
You wanted safety without precaution
Adventure without the risk
You wanted love
Love and not the lesson

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