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The Best Of Module (Paul Mclaney)

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With the “Best of Module 2003-2022” coming up soon with Loop Recordings, I wanted to share some of the experiences and stories behind the last 18 years of Module, The people I have worked with, the lessons I have learned. One of the tracks featured on this is “Love & Not he Lesson” from Remarkable Engines. Written by Paul McLaney and we produced it together,… 

Module/Fly My Pretties – Rain

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A live performance from the Fly my Pretties shows in Auckland of my Piano piece “Rain” ! it’s very nice! yeah!

10 Years of Shatter

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it’s been over 10 years since Shatter was released and it’s soundtrack became a global hit on the Playstation. Here I am chatting with The Ongaku website about it’s release and reflecting back and forwards on where it’s all going! Thanks heaps to Jerry for the interview! read the article here 🙂

Songs April 2021

I have been writing a lot of songs lately, and bringing back to life some older ones. Just been on a really creative flow with the music and production lately so over this month I will be working away in the studio and recording the out-lines of all these tunes below…there are a few more floating around too… I am just going to record them… 

SoundCloud 2021

Back on soundcloud with the best tracks from Module since 2003 ! check it out and please share it around 🙂 New Songs, Demo’s and singles and soundtracks coming soon! Choice 🙂 Jeramiah

Module AI/Scientist Character

This image below was created by Alexander Hallag via who has photographed some of the worlds top Artists and Performers. I feel extremely grateful to be working with him on visualizing the other characters in and around the world/story and music I created for the INFINITY FOREVER project please visit his site and check out his work on The quick story behind the… 

Infinity Forver

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People that know me well have seen me as of late working really hard on a rather large creative vision I had a while ago, This began in 2013 and I am nearly at the end….It’s the INFINITY FOREVER Original “Sci Fi” Musical project and it has been going well, it will work well across other mediums… Musically, it’s a journey…I’ll figure it all out.

September 2020

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The last couple month has been really surreal…With COVID19 lockdown starting up again. It has been ok…strange I guess..But things have been moving forwards with life and heaps of creative work being done. Here is a overview of most things. Module – Moments in time (Short Film) Fredrick Pokai has filmed and produced a short documentary on my career and what happened to me when…