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Andy McGrath – The Silent Tribe

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Really happy to be involved working with Andy McGrath to get his song over the line! Production duties here and there, and running around filming things and making suggestions along with Duncan McCann. Great to see Andy’s music come to life like this, I am happy for him, feels, looks, sounds great!

Shadow (WIP Music Video)

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Making music videos, Lost in the real time WebGL fluid & particle simulations controlled by live video camera feeds, filmed off screens for this dreamy song. I will do several more takes and choose the best performance bits, change the way the particle simulation reacts to me dancing around! It’s likely I will need to… Read More »Shadow (WIP Music Video)

The Best of Module 2003-2022

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Wellington-based producer Module makes his return with The Best of Module (2003 – 2022). Across 28 tracks, the release follows the journey from one of NZ’s most acclaimed producers across a long & varied career.  “Never would I have thought, 20 years ago, in small town Palmerston North, with my Pentium II computer and a few instruments from… Read More »The Best of Module 2003-2022

In the studio with Module

A great little behind the scenes video with Me, Troy Kelly and Jayde Martar at the Armoury here in Wellington recently from the Shatter Remastered Deluxe 5.1 surround sound sessions. Basically, rocking out on the SSL mixing desks and all the toys and buttons to bring the epic!! Troy does a great job at doing… Read More »In the studio with Module

Dreaming in Lightspeed

Made this tune with Max Maxwell, It did really well straight out the gate with number 1 on Soundclouds repost system, already up to 1,500 plays on soundcloud, It’s great dance electro featuring me singing my heart out against epic emotional synths and beats, Listen here!

Shatter Remastered Deluxe

Big news! Shatter is back with 4k and 5.1 surround sound on all the new consoles and platforms, remastered, and yeah!! totally epic! sounded great in the studio with Troy Kelly, mixing it all 🙂 It’s coming out Q3 2002! see for more Here’s the trailer! Epic as! You can also wishlist it on… Read More »Shatter Remastered Deluxe

Shatter Remastered

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Shatter got all dressed up again along with a new mix of the soundtrack and is now out via Netflix games! big thanks to all involved and more on this soon! Here are some screenshots! Looks great 🙂 Sounds great! Thanks, Troy Kelly, Mario and crew! 🙂 It’s Bossss!