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Andy McGrath – The Studio Sessions

8 tracks performed in the studio that Andy wrote. This project, well, idea actually was really great to get across the line, we had talked about capturing the songs in a natural state in the studio for a while, and then pushed forward and got it done. It was a really great experience with Duncan and Andy We all filmed, recorded and produced this together… 

In the studio with Module

A great little behind the scenes video with Me, Troy Kelly and Jayde Martar at the Armoury here in Wellington recently from the Shatter Remastered Deluxe 5.1 surround sound sessions. Basically, rocking out on the SSL mixing desks and all the toys and buttons to bring the epic!! Troy does a great job at doing a great job, so it was a lot of fun!… 

Pattern Dot Life (2022 Re-issue)

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Waaay back in 2008, I put together a live show called Pattern.Dot.Life (version 1.0) I had been touring New Zealand non stop as a well, almost 1 man band meets hybrid VJ/DJ, I had a vision of this cool synthwave future music in my head and I went about making that real! I used a Novation x-station as the main controller for a early version… 

Dreaming in Lightspeed

Made this tune with Max Maxwell, It did really well straight out the gate with number 1 on Soundclouds repost system, already up to 1,500 plays on soundcloud, It’s great dance electro featuring me singing my heart out against epic emotional synths and beats, Listen here!

Shatter Remastered Deluxe

Big news! Shatter is back with 4k and 5.1 surround sound on all the new consoles and platforms, remastered, and yeah!! totally epic! sounded great in the studio with Troy Kelly, mixing it all 🙂 It’s coming out Q3 2002! see for more Here’s the trailer! Epic as! You can also wishlist it on Stream!

Shatter Remastered

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Shatter got all dressed up again along with a new mix of the soundtrack and is now out via Netflix games! big thanks to all involved and more on this soon! Here are some screenshots! Looks great 🙂 Sounds great! Thanks, Troy Kelly, Mario and crew! 🙂 It’s Bossss!

The Shatter Soundtrack (Vinyl)

Here are some photos of the original test pressing from the Offical video game soundtrack for Shatter which was Mastered at Abbey Road. You can also see me trying to work out the best way to sign them…It was the first time I autographed my own music so I had to get it right. It’s translucent blue, really shimmers in the light… A great design… 

Infinity Forever (Time, Space, Love)

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The Module AI “Infinity Forever – Time, Space, Love”, I haven’t given up on that idea of that multimedia live theatre show, 3 part album something something by the way! I finished up the story a while ago and realized the production of it would need a lot of work (money) or some spare hash tag famous which is the same as Money, but I… 

The Best of Module (Rhian Sheehan)

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Rhian Sheehan & Module – The Movie! I mean, Seriously, that totally felt like one…just going back in my memory, just got out now…Yeah, that was all a bit epic when I think back on it. Totally cool! The Best of Module 2003-2021 will feature a Module remix done for Rhian and here is the synopsis (well small book) on the adventures we had years… 

The Best Of Module (Paul Mclaney)

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With the “Best of Module 2003-2022” coming up soon with Loop Recordings, I wanted to share some of the experiences and stories behind the last 18 years of Module, The people I have worked with, the lessons I have learned. One of the tracks featured on this is “Love & Not he Lesson” from Remarkable Engines. Written by Paul McLaney and we produced it together,… 

Music For Space Stations?

Meanwhile, I had a crazy idea for an electronic ambient electro-synth album…”Music for Space Stations” I got thinking, I really love Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports” background music for travellers really, what about if your heading up to go wandering around in Space, transferring between the Moon and Mars, that’s gonna need some nice buzzy music while in and out of the docking stations…waiting on… 

Module/Fly My Pretties – Rain

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A live performance from the Fly my Pretties shows in Auckland of my Piano piece “Rain” ! it’s very nice! yeah!

10 Years of Shatter

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it’s been over 10 years since Shatter was released and it’s soundtrack became a global hit on the Playstation. Here I am chatting with The Ongaku website about it’s release and reflecting back and forwards on where it’s all going! Thanks heaps to Jerry for the interview! read the article here 🙂

Songs April 2021

I have been writing a lot of songs lately, and bringing back to life some older ones. Just been on a really creative flow with the music and production lately so over this month I will be working away in the studio and recording the out-lines of all these tunes below…there are a few more floating around too… I am just going to record them…